Northfield Village is a unique development that brings together a range of accommodation, community and care facilities on one site.

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12 January 15 Dementia centre`s use of colours can help support independent living

Limewood, Northfield’s dementia centre, has been designed in line with the University of Stirling’s Gold Standard design for people with dementia.

The Wrekin Housing Trust's Development Team have ensured every aspect of the Limewood building is suitable for all ages and stages of dementia, making Limewood not just a purpose-built care home but also a purpose-designed one.

One of the key good practice guidelines is to ensure a good use of colour or contrast, as it can help people with sight loss and dementia to find communal rooms and their own rooms. A good use of colour and contrast can help support independent living. 

At Limewood every bathroom door is the same colour to help people identify the bathroom, especially during the night. Similarly, every bedroom door in each cluster of rooms is a different colour. This helps users to easily find their room. Due to the natural way our eyesight changes as we age, older people may find blues, greens and purples difficult to differentiate. They might also see colours as washed out; each room has been decorated with this in mind.

The courtyard at Limewood has a circular design. This means that not only is there easy access to the garden space, but it also eliminates corridors that look the same and don’t go anywhere.

The kitchens also promote independent living for people with dementia, as they’ve been designed with see-through cupboard doors to help users easily find what they’re looking for.

For more information about Limewood, please call 01785 215 678 or email

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