Northfield Village is a unique development that brings together a range of accommodation, community and care facilities on one site.

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02 February 16 A concept designed for the future

Now that Northfield Village is fully open, we thought it would be a great opportunity to look at how the scheme has completely regenerated an area of Stafford and has been designed to be sustainable for the future.  

The original concept for Northfield was to join together a range of services and accommodation choices to provide a holistic approach to community care. To do this, the scheme was designed to create a flexible space which could be used for a wide range of purposes; supporting both service delivery and social activity, with an environment focused on promoting wellbeing for all.  

One of the ways Northfield Village has been made sustainable is through the central biomass energy centre via a district heating system, which provides heating and hot water to all of the buildings. The system has 100% automatic gas backup in the event of a failure, and the gas boilers will also top up the supply when there is a high demand from the buildings on the scheme. At the point where the supply pipework enters the individual buildings at Northfield Village, the heat is transferred into the localised heating circuit via a plate heat exchanger. In addition, the energy generated from the biomas boiler is metered, and attracts a payment from the Renewable Heat Incentive.


The Northfield Centre, the community hub, has been popular with local residents and visitors to the scheme. The café has been key to the success of the centre, and has been busier than they could have imagined. But humans aren’t the only ones enjoying the hub; the green sedum roof on the top of the centre has attracted lots of interest from local wildlife! 

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Affordable Housing
Affordable general needs housing
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Supported Housing
Saltbank Supported Housing
for people with learning disabilities
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Extra Care
Elmwood Extra care
80 apartments for over 55’s
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Community Hub
café, restaurant, bar, hairdressers,
shops & community rooms
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Dementia Care
Limewood dementia care
A specialised building supporting 59 people
with high levels of dementia as well as
those living in the community and their carers
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Health and Wellbeing Centre
Health centre, GP surgery & pharmacy
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Public Area

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